Select offers a range of hospitality supplies for the Hotel, Motel, B & B and Restaurant supplies. These include but are not limited to:

Personal Hygiene Supplies

Select offers a collection of complimentary toiletries, featuring high quality shampoos and conditioners, shower gels, soaps and shower caps, ideal for hotel bathrooms looking to make an impression. We have toiletries for every requirement and budget, helping your customers to feel clean and cared for. Select's toiletries will enhance the appeal of any bathroom.

In-Room Coffee and Tea

Select supplies Keurig to help you provide your guests with in-room coffee that they won't just drink, but love. It is the luxury and comfort that makes them feel welcome, so don't be surprised if they extend their stay.

The Keurig B130 brewer was designed with simplicity in mind and was created specifically for hospitality. For your guests, single cup brewing is simple, mess free and self-contained. Step-by-step pictorial instructions allow anyone to operate the machine with ease, and its styling, shape and size allows it to be placed nearly anywhere. For your staff, there are no carafes or drip baskets to clean, no glass that can shatter and no grounds to clean up.

Keurig recently worked with Carbonview research and surveyed 500 travelers to find out the desire and effects of the Keurig® B130 in-room system. Based upon the results of this survey, it was concluded that the in-room coffee amenity of a Keurig® B130 brewing system can significantly improve the guest experience.

Here is what the travelers told us:

  • Guests really care about in-room coffee.
  • It's as important to them as flat screen televisions.
  • The Keurig® B130 single cup brewer is the preferred in-room coffee service of in-room coffee services tested.
  • Guests love Keurig®. Travelers prefer hotels with Keurig® brewers.
  • 2/3 of those surveyed who were aware of Keurig® before the survey claim that a Keurig® brewer makes it more likely that they will want to stay at a particular hotel.
  • Restaurant Coffee and Machines

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Restaurant Supplies

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Take-out Supplies

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